Accommodation. Safety

Accommodation The University's residence hall includes several students' quarters. The Organising Committee is in position to offer accommodation in the University's Main Building , in the centre of student activities. Rooms to be offered are in two-room suits, one participant per room, with a bathroom in each suit. A typical room in a suit is of 8 sq m and includes all necessary equipment: a bed, a table, two chairs, a wardrobe, a bookcase. There are some rooms with telephone, TV and refrigerator inside, but because of a limited number of rooms, the Organising Committee cannot guarantee the reservation.

At the time of the School, Moscow State University hosts a number of international events, including International Conference on Physics, International Students Baseball Tournament, summer schools in over disciplines. If all the rooms at the Main Building guesthouse would be occupied, the Organizing Committee reserves accommodation in the nearest University Dormitory, which locates in 5 bus stops from the Main Building. The so-called Students House on Vernadskii avenue offers accommodation in two-room apartments. Rooms offered are for single or double use. The Building is in one bus stop from the metro (underground) station and is on the same trolleybus line with the Faculty of Medicine.

Rates (as in February 2005):

  • Main Building. Single room in a suit of two - US$ 14/day.
  • Main Building. Single room in a suit of two (TV, fridge, telephone) - US$ 18/day.

Upon a request The Organising Committee may assist the participants in getting accommodation with a family or in one of Moscow hotels. Please, inform about your special wishes concerning accommodation in advance.

Main Building of Lomonosov Moscow State University is beautiful composition located in central part of university campus. The Building is world famous for its exceptional architecture and size. It is the largest and tallest university building in the world. In addition to the Main Dormitory, the building houses faculties, administrative offices, a bank, dry cleaning service, laundry, hair-styling salon, library, food-marts, household stores, bookstores, gymnasiums, swimming pool, repair services and travel agencies. The living arrangements are among the best on campus. The hostel includes 5000 rooms for students and guests of the University.

Safety The Main University campus is completely isolated from the distractions of the city. It is fenced in on all sides and patrolled by internal security systems. In addition, every gateway into the campus and every building on campus is monitored by Safety Officers. The residence hall contains a security guard at the entrance and a safety attendant on each floor. Every resident is issued an identification card, which has to be presented to the security guard.

Crime rate in Moscow is similar to most major cities in Europe, the United States and Canada. Using good judgement, caution and some basic "big city" sense such as walking in small groups, using a money belt, letting others know where you are and not travelling late at night will greatly reduce the risk of being singled out. Moscow has a large police force (militcia) that is very visible. In addition, the Organising Committee representatives are available in case of an emergency.

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