Fees & Payments

School's participants are expected to pay for:
Application fee - Euro 100 - includes:

  • costs of invitation process and associated taxes (postage to send the original invitation letter is not included),
  • room reservation,
  • airport pickup,
  • on-site orientation,
  • costs of registration in Moscow (required for every international visitor who stays in the country for more than three days).

Costs of Russian visa - according to regulations of Russian consulate in your country

Registration fee - Euro 500 - includes:

  • attendance at the lectures and training seminars,
  • printed information including hand-outs with short information about lecturers and lectures,
  • transportation to distantly located venues of the School,
  • souvenirs for each participant,
  • assistance of English-speaking staff & students,
  • guided visit to Cosmonautics Museum,
  • guided visit to J.Gagarin Cosmonauts' Training Centre,
  • guided visit to National Missions Control Centre

Costs of Accommodation - please, visit the page Accommodation for the fees and rooms' description
Private Expenses
Cultural Program (optional) - according to your preferences (see the appropriate page)

Accompanying persons may join the group in visiting Cosmonauts' Training Centre, National Mission Control Centre and Zvezda' Cosmonautics Museum for a fee Euro 150.

Terms of Payment
Application fee should be paid at least a month before the School starts. (The number of participants might be limited by 30 places. Please contact the Organising Committee regarding availability of vacant places first. We also give account' information upon request).

We are sorry for the inconvenience, but newly established regulations for issuing a university invitation require a period of 45 days for the process
!!! All prospective participants, who applied later than April 11th, will use tourist visa to visit the country. This does not affect your ability to visit the School and travel within the country. However, using of tourist visa requires at least one night accommodation in a hotel for registration in the country.

Costs of Russian visa are paid according to rules of Russian consulate in your country (!! Citizens of some countries when applying for visa might need an original invitation of The Organizing Committee. Please, contact the nearest Russian consulate for the information. Participants requiring the original invitations will be expected to cover a postage.)

Registration and Accommodation fees are to be paid before the School starts. You may pay the fees upon arrival.

Costs of dining, cultural program, private expenses should be done with in cash*
* According to national law, all payments inside Russian Federation should be made in local currency - Russian roubles. Please, be aware, credit cards and traveler's cheque services are not popular here. Please, consider to use US $ or Euro for currency exchange. Bank commission for exchange of other currencies may reach 10%.

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