Important Dates

Spring 2005: contact the Organising Committee for additional information you need, inform us about your interest to participate in the School and reserve a place among participants.
Before April 15, 2005: please, send us by E-mail the information required for the university's invitation: a copy of passport, Application form (home address [including phone & fax numbers], your business/school address [including your position, phone & fax numbers], and indicate Russian consulate where you are going to apply for visa. Those participants who send the information later than April 15, will be able to apply for tourist visa only (additional fees will be charged for the service of a tourist company)
Before April 15, 2005:payment of the application fee
Inform the Organising Committee about your preferences in accommodation
Before May 15, 2005: reservation of a place for a tour to St Petersburg
Near June 03, 2005: contact Russian consulate to apply for a visa.
Not later than June 10, 2005: inform the Organising Committee about your arrival to Moscow (please, be careful to indicate full information: name of the carrier, flight number, destination, airport in Moscow, date and time of arrival scheduled).
June 11-12, 2005: expected arrival to Moscow.
June 13 - June 26, 2005: official program of the School.
June 17- 20, 2005: a tour to St Petersburg (optional).
June 25-26, 2005: a tour to Vladimir & Suzdal' (optional)
June 25-27, 2005: departure of participants (transfer to an airport is to be provided)

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