Previous sessions of the School.

The current school will be organised at the fourth time. In summer 2001 an elective course on Space Medicine was for the first time organised in English for international students of the Faculty of Basic Medicine of the Lomonosov Moscow State University. In summer 2002 the course was reorganised into International Summer School. Participants from Austria, Bulgaria, Canada, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Japan, India, Ireland, Islamic Republic of Iran, Italy, Maldives, The Netherlands, and The USA have visited the program so far. By clicking here you may see some photos reporting the Summer School’s activities in previous years.

You also may read the reference letter from Dr David Klaus, Assistant Professor, University of Colorado, Boulder. It is written for publication in ASGSB /American Society for Gravitational and Space Biology/ /bulletin issued in summer, 2003.

Click here do see or download the article (PDF, Adobe Acrobat format)

Using the chance, we Congratulate David with ASGSB 2003 Young Investigator's Award





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