"Most interesting was the visit to Star city, the tour we had, was very informative and interesting!!"
Heidi van der Holst, ESA, The Netherlands

"I really do miss Russia and borscht. I really had a fantastic time and will definitely return."
Hiromoto Murakami, Medical student, Japan

"From every presentation so much was learned, in spite of the different background among the students. All the professors were very kind and helpful with the students... All excursions were interesting and relevant to the many classroom topics"
Giovanni De Angelis, Senior Research Associate, Italy
"Everything in Moscow was interesting, and there is no dissatisfaction... thanks to you I could have meaningful life in Moscow. And please say thank you to other professors."
Ryuji Fujihara, Medical student, Japan

"The school was well organized and very interesting - we covered the full spectrum of biomedical research in the space program. We also got to visit both the institutions and the researchers carrying out this work. It was an excellent trip, well worth it. I enjoyed visiting Star City and learning about the stimulation work being done in space."
Derek O'Keeffe, Lecturer, Ireland

"You did a wonderful job organizing the school and I learned more than I had hoped to. Once again, thanks for the experience and lets keep in touch."
William Pratt, Lockheed Martin Astronautics, USA

"I had a wonderful experience and really think the class and related experiences were phenomenal... I would like to see this course be a major success next year, and would like to help make it so."
Christopher E. Carr, PhD Student, MIT, USA

"The booklet that we receive at the beginning with description of the Summer School, participants' lists….and so on was very useful. All the logistics was excellent: accommodation, visit, bus, lectures…..I never felt lost."
Berengere Houdou, ESA, France (School 2004)

"Overall, the Space Biology and Medicine program was absolutely amazing. I had a wonderful time and will highly recommend the program to my friends and colleagues. The experience of attending this program in Russia was part of what made it so enlightening, remarkable, and unique. Anyone can search libraries and computer databases at their home institutions for literature on the lecture topics of this course, but to hear this research presented in Moscow from the very people who conducted it, and to gain an appreciation for the research environment in Russia as a whole, is something well worth experiencing."
Courtney Hancock, medical student, Emory University, USA (School 2004)

"All in all, I think the program is terrific. Two weeks is just enough time to get acclimated and learn about the field. The days were full, but not overly draining. The cultural program explored music and art and food in a really nice way."
Erika Wagner, MIT, USA (School 2004)

"Good variety of lecture topics, covering most areas of physiology/medicine. It is interesting for the students to share their research presentations. This is a good addition to the program.
The cultural program tours were excellent! The tour in St. Petersburg was superb!"
Lara Warren, San-Francisco Veterans Affairs Medical Center, USA (School 2004)

"The lecturers from IBMP are highly respected in their fields. It was a privilege to be in their lectures…The tours were also very interesting and worthwhile. It is great that you included pickup at the airport and drop-off ..."
Leslie Rogers, Lockheed Martin Astronautics, USA (School 2004)

"In general I though the course was very well organized and I learned a great deal about space medicine while in attendance. The trips to Star City, Mission Control and the Institute for Biomedical Problems were fantastic. I particularly enjoyed meeting many of the Cosmonauts and the Russian scientists."
Paul McBeth, Calgary University, Canada (School 2004)

"I only want to thank you again for all your efforts to make the school a success. You and all the other people involved in the organization of the school itself but also of the tours to St. Petersburg and Vladimir/Suzdal have managed it in a impressive way and did a great job.
All in all it was a great time for me in Moscow and I got a lot of useful and interesting information."
Uta Kirschnick, Friedrich-Schiller-University of Jena, Germany (School 2004)

"It was amazing range of events with nice balance culture/science. Thank you again for your hard work."
Suzanne Stokes, medical student, Manchester University, UK

Finally, here are the comments of INTAS experts, participated (anonymously) in consideration of our application for grant
EXPERT 1: The school gives young scientists a very important chance to meet specialists and colleagues and thereby build up a scientific network which in crossdisciplinary projects is very important.
The Organizing Faculty has a very high scientific standard with several academicians, PhD professors in medicine and science. The Faculty is a professionally equipped learning center with several research laboratories.

EXPERT 2: The topics of summer school are very actual and modern. There is a strong school in Russia with hard basic researchers. It is sign of success of summer school.
The merit of the program, consortium and management are excellent.

Please, take also a look to Dr David Klaus' article published for ASGSB Summer bulletin and reprinted here in Previous sessions of the School section.

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