Visa Support & Registration of participants

Citizens of almost countries need Russian visa to visit the country. The Organising Committee provides the participants by a copy of invitation, which is required by Russian consulate. (!! Citizens of some countries might need an original invitation letter. Please, contact the local Russian embassy for the details). The invitation is to be issued upon request of Lomonosov Moscow State University. The invitation process takes usually 45 days.
!!! All prospective participants, who applied later than April 10th, will use tourist visa to visit the country. This does not affect your ability to visit the School and travel within the country. However, using of tourist visa requires at least one night accommodation in a hotel for a visa's registration.
Participants of the School should make visa registration within three business days upon the arrival to Moscow. The Organisation Committee renders assistance to each participant in getting the entry visa to go for training and back as well as perform visa registration during the School. To receive an invitation for your visit to Russia, please, pay the Application fee and send us a copy of your national passport and filled in Application form with following information:

  • your home address (including phone, fax numbers if available);
  • your business/school address and position (including phone, fax numbers if available);
  • indicate Russian Embassy/Consulate where you are going to apply for a visa.

You would get the invitation 2-3 weeks before the School starts.
Using the invitation you will be able to apply for a visa. Please, contact local Russian Embassy/Consulate for terms and other documents required for a visa application.
The Organisation Committee assists School's participants in visas' registration in the established order. The costs of invitation and registration are included in Application fee

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